Move emails and folders between accounts

I have two Gmail accounts and people often send emails to the wrong account, which makes it difficult for me to organize the emails. A lot of other email clients out there have the provision of dragging and dropping emails from one account to another (like Spark and eM Client). I would really love to see that feature in mailSpring.

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I run a local IMAP server for archiving my email. With Mailspring, I can’t move email from my various accounts to my local server. This is a huge loss for me.


The only feature that prevents me from using Mailspring.


I was wondering if it might be possible for me to move an email from one IMAP account into the folder of another IMAP account?

For example I have had a account for a decade and use it as my archive to store things that I may have received on other work related accounts I’ve had over the years. In Evolution I’m able to click on an email in my Work gmail account and drag it to a folder in my pobox account.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide, and for making Mailspring!

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Feels kinda weird that you can’t do this already.


I also think this is an important feature. I’d like to move to Mailspring full-time, but having to move my mails on my smartphone doesn’t seem like a very good solution in the long run. Is this anywhere on the roadmap?
Thanks for all your work on this fantastic application!

I would really like to see this feature as well. It actually causes a plethora of productivity issues for people who manage multiple accounts for a company.

FWIW, Apple’s does this really well.

Please add this feature to the roadmap. This is for a huge people importent.

I join this request. The function is also very missing in Mailspring.