Move or Delete a Single Message in a Thread

It’s not possible to delete a single message from a thread, gmail has it, it would be nice to have the ability to delete a single message using the dropdown menu:

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I often want to move to a specific folder one individual email from a thread. For that, in other mail clients, I select that one particular email from the thread and click on the move button.

In Mailspring, the “Move to folder” button (and “Apply labels” for Gmail accounts) moves/applies-labels-to the whole thread. UI tweaks should be done to let users move/apply-label-to one individual email.

(Originally posted by jpbaril on GitHub.)

Currently, all messages with the same subject will be merged in one thread. If I click to delete button, Mailspring will delete the whole thread.

If there is a separate delete, reply, forward… button in each message, it would be much easier.

(Originally posted by phamhung77 on GitHub.)

This is really useful in order to delete useless mail (for example support auto-replies) within threads.

This is an absolutely necessary and basic feature!

Make sure you Vote for it at the top, then, to help raise its priority.