Show labels of individual Gmail emails

For an individual Gmail email from a thread, If we click the arrow to expand the from header it shows for most emails that it is in the “All messages” folder. That’s not really useful.

It would be more useful to see the labels that apply to that individual email. Use case: Not all my emails from a thread have the same labels applied to them. So for now it’s impossible to see which individual email has of one or many of the labels Mailspring shows at the top of the thread.

Related to other issue I created: Move or Delete a Single Message in a Thread

(Originally posted by jpbaril on GitHub.)

Hey! The Gmail IMAP interface exposes labels as a per-message attribute but Gmail’s official apps / UI don’t show per-message labels since they’re a concept intended for thread organization. We could display the raw X-GM-Labels attribute from IMAP on each message, but it might just be confusing. Gonna leave this open and see if anyone else has thoughts about this.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)