Moving messages

How do I move a message to a different folder, such as to Trash or a specific folder?

Moving messages is an important part of managing your email. Within Mailspring, you can move messages in a number of ways:

  1. Click and drag an individual thread from thread list into the left sidebar to place it in that folder / label.

  2. Click an individual thread from the thread list and use a button from the action bar at the top of the screen to archive it, move it to the trash, or choose a destination label/folder. (Pro tip: you can use the “Change Labels / Folders” shortcut to open the “Move to…” picker with threads selected!)

  3. When viewing a message, use the action bar at the top of the screen to move the selected thread.

  4. Swipe left across a thread in the thread list to snooze it, swipe right to archive or move to trash (depending on the Preferences > General > “Swipe gesture and backspace / delete move to trash” option)

Pro Tip: When viewing the thread list, shift-click or command-click a set of threads so you can move them all quickly.

See also, Archiving Messages

Is there a way of moving messages among folders in different email accounts? As an example, I have a private email address and a separate family administrative email address, which also has folders for various family related issues. I may want to move a personal mail to one of the shared folders. I have not found a way to do that… :frowning: