Read Panel / Action icons position move depending on the mail account (annoying when deleting email)

The Problem

When looking at the INBOX emails (when multiple accounts), the position of the icons at the top of the reading panel moves depending on the email (and account I presume). For exemples :
I’m used to click on the trash icon to delete emails. But given that Tag Email icon disappears depending on the email/account, my mouse comes upon the “mark as spam” icon instead of the Trash icon.

Proposed Solution

It would be great to keep the Trash icon not moving at the top bar of the reading panel when looking at the emails in the multiple account INBOX view.

Alternative Solutions


This has been raised before so it might be good to add your vote to that request, too. FWIW I agree that changing the icons just for GMail accounts is annoying. The fact that GMail works differently to everything else does make things complicated for clients, but that’s no reason to make it complicated for users!

Tx John for your comment. I’ll add a vote to the other request if I find it. There are so many posts!

I think that this post was the one I was thinking of.