Remove the subscription advertisement when you have more than 4 email accounts

There’s a virtually constant notification asking you to subscribe if you have more than 4 email accounts. It’s a bit intrusive and distracting. When I had the free version I git cloned the repo just so I could remove that notification. The UX would be better (and personally I’d be more inclined to consider upgrading if I hadn’t already) if the UX of the free version doesn’t contain advertisements for the subscription model.

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Hey thanks for filing this! Of course the UX would be better if there wasn’t an ad - most of the internet would be nicer without ads. But then I’d be doing contract work right now instead of working on open source. :wink:

Super awesome you cloned it and removed the banner! Maybe the annoyance factor will get more folks into open source. Jokes aside though I agree it’s probably overkill. That banner was inserted ages ago and we never ran any sort of A/B tests to see if it really made a difference. I’ll see if we can tone it down a bit, I don’t imagine the impact would be too great.

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@bengotow It’s probably fine for the light theme, but the light blue notification is an eye-sore on the dark theme

As for conversions; I upgraded due to the fantastic tracking/scheduling features. That trial expiring made it an easy purchase.

(Originally posted by deanpress on GitHub.)

I kinda agree this could be toned down or removed outright. The premium features rather speak for themselves.

I went ahead and started this, as it was mostly monotonous-type work.

It would be trivial to remove the advert altogether. The question is just whether that would negatively impact Mailspring Pro subscriptions or not, as @bengotow pointed out.

Well, there’s a difference between a free service offering a premium subscription & blatant nagware.

It’s puzzling how anyone could think it’s a good idea. The notification keeps popping up even if you dismiss it during the same session. I can see the importance of promoting the paid subscription - but this is just an unacceptably low way of doing it. A gentle notification or even a popup reminding about the benefits of a premium service like, once a month - this would likely make a user consider subscribing. But this is just begging to uninstall or hack it out of the interface.

Like I said, we’re considering removing it altogether. If you compare this to a lot of freemium apps, a small advert in the corner isn’t really “low” — just somewhat annoying. Yet, your point is understood.

The only reason my original PR was just to change what the advert said is because that enables us to retain the advert and later change its behavior, or else be able to remove it in a subsequent commit while being able to revert the change partially later and have the updated text with new behavior.

Btw, missed my chance to thank you in the original thread - I would most likely not have actually tried this app if it wasn’t for your response.

You’re very welcome! We’re working on making Mailspring a better option for FOSS-minded users, which will also include making Mailspring ID optional. We just open-sourced Mailsync to that end. Big changes afoot!

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Resolved here: Remove all mention of old four account limit. by CodeMouse92 · Pull Request #2270 · Foundry376/Mailspring · GitHub

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