Removing only account results in Mailspring closing instantly


Removing the only mail account so far added in Mailspring causes it to close / crash instantly. The account I was removing was the one following the process described here ; theoretically that could have impacted this instant close behaviour.

To Reproduce…

  1. Add 1 account
  2. Go to preferences and remove it
  3. See Mailspring close instantly, unexpectedly

Expected Behavior

The account is removed and I can immediately add another one



  • OS and Version: Fedora 31
  • Mailspring Version: 1.7.2 (using that due to #1841)

(Originally posted by samtuke on GitHub.)

I have just tested this on the current master branch and I could not reproduce the issue. On my system, the main window closes and then Mailspring is automatically restarted with the window to setup a new account. Tested on Ubuntu 20.10.

I am therefore closing the issue. Please open a new issue if this issue appears again.

I marked it as “stale” as well, so we know this was just something we couldn’t reproduce. @Phylu, you’ll want to use either the #stale or #spooky tag — the former for “not reproduced or confirmed in some time”, and the #spooky tag for “people are apparently having the problem, but we can’t reproduce it yet”. We don’t want to get into a “wontfix” habit, wherein we ignore valid but nondeterministic bugs.

All that said, yep, this one seems to be stale.

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