Adding a new account with same 'email'/from name results in 1 confused inbox


Adding a new account with the same email / from addr as an existing account results in no new account being added, but the config options (server settings) of the preexisting account updated to the newly added account, but the mail within that inbox still belonging to the previous account.

I added the new account with the same email because on the first round I was confused by what was being requested and added my mailspring login email address instead of the account login (which must in any case be entered in manual imap config).

After adding the two accounts (different accounts, servers, logins) with the same ‘from’ email, I couldnt use either of the accounts, and had to remove the single listed account and start again. I’m fearful that mail from one or other account may be mistakenly deleted if mailspring is listing mail from the 1st account added and then polling mail into the same inbox from the 2nd account added.


(Originally posted by samtuke on GitHub.)