Schedule messages to send later

I need to send an email to my coworker at noon, but I’m not sure if I’ll be at my desk at that time! How can I have Mailspring send the message for me at noon, even if I’m away?

:star2: Pro Feature

Click the Send Later icon at the bottom of your message, then choose the time you’d like to send the message. Your message will be in your Drafts folder and available for editing until the send time.

Please note, Mailspring must be running for the message to send as scheduled. If you close Mailspring or hibernate your computer, it won’t be able to send until the next time you open Mailspring.

See: Does Mailspring need to be running to send scheduled emails?

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Hi- ok love the Pro “send later” featuer but where do the emails go while they’re ‘waiting’ to be sent?
I’ve used Boomerang on gmail for years and its helpful to be able to go back and edit emails and/or reschedule the times to be sent and I can’t figoure out how to do that with this Pro send-later feature on Mailpring?

I have the same problem, I want to modify the mail to be sent but I don’t figure out where is it hidden