Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Mailspring! Here’s how to get started.

Set up an email account

First, go to Preferences > Accounts to set up your email. You can set up multiple accounts from multiple email providers.

When you set up an account, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to build a complete cache of your mailbox. However, Mailspring is designed to pull recent messages first, so you should be able to get going quickly. Total sync time will be dependent on factors like total number of messages, your network bandwidth, processing power, and your email provider’s throttling.

Customize your inbox view

You can customize your inbox experience in a variety of ways:

Don’t forget to set Mailspring as your default client. (We have instructions for Windows and Linux.)

Explore advanced features

Mailspring includes many powerful capabilities to help you manage your email.

Pro Features

Mailspring Pro offers many more powerful features. You can use many of these a few times a month for free via your Mailspring ID, or you can subscribe to Mailspring Pro to unlock them all.

  • Swipe left to snooze so you can revisit messages later—on your own schedule.
  • Send later to ensure emails are sent on time, even if you’re busy doing something else.
  • Reminders to ensure you never forget to follow-up on a thread.
  • Enriched contact profiles so you can see links to social profiles, location info, company overviews, and your message history with each person on a message thread.
  • Templates that save you time when sending common messages.
  • Message translation so you can read and write messages easily, even in languages you don’t know.
  • Read receipts and link tracking so you can see when recipients engage with your messages.
  • Activity Reports to give you powerful insights on how to better engage recipients.
  • Share conversations with others with a simple link.

Dig Deeper

For additional help, browse the Help section or the Docs.

You can extend Mailspring with Plugins and Themes.

If you encounter problems, you can: