Search with advanced, Gmail-style queries

How can I search through my email by things like message contents, phrases, labels, or folders?

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Mailspring builds a search index on your computer, so you can search through your email in seconds. In addition to searching for an email by a name, email address, or subject line, you can search in more advanced ways.

Search message contents

When you view an email message, Mailspring caches it’s content so you can search for it later. Your search queries can include words, phrases, and URLs used in the body of an email.

Search for multiple phrases

Mailspring supports the AND and OR search operators, so you can search for emails based on multiple criteria, for example: OR

Search in a specific label or folder

To search a specific folder or label, use the “in:” keyword in the search bar. For example, to search your sent messages for “contract”, you’d say:

“contract in:sent”

Search using Gmail-style search phrases

Mailspring supports other Gmail-style search queries, like “is: unread”, “has: attachment”, and “from:”.

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I have a GMail account on my Mailspring.

I notice that when I run a “search” inside Mailspring, I cannot find the results that I’m looking for. From what I understand in the above response, it only caches mail for searching once you read through the email… however I don’t find that to be the case, even if I use Gmail-style queries.

How can I cache all emails so that it is searchable?