Snooze emails to handle them later

I have a new message in my inbox that I need to read later. I don’t want it sitting there unread until I get to it, and I don’t want to open it and then forget about it. Can Mailspring remind me?

:star2: Pro Feature

There are three ways to snooze a message. Snoozed messages are moved out of your inbox and re-appear at the time you specify. Note: Mailspring does not send your email credentials to the cloud, and the app must be running for email to be returned to the inbox.

  1. Swipe left over the message in your inbox.

  1. When in single panel mode, hover over the message and click the Snooze icon.

  1. While reading a message, click the Snooze icon at the top of the message window. Then choose when you’d like the message to reappear.