Sorry, we were unable to save your snooze settings

When trying to snooze an email I receive this error; Sorry, we were unable to save your snooze settings. Cannot read property ‘id’ of null.
My server is zoho and my folder structure contains a mailspring folder and a Snoozed folder that was there from my previous mail program. Any idea as to what could be the issue?

I’ll guess that the issue you see is related to the problem I described in this thread: Zoho does not allow users to create folders named “Snoozed” no matter at what subfolder level. Mailbird, however, relies on a folder named Mailbird/Snoozed for snoozing mail.

Yes, exactly. Since I posted I tried to rename the snoozed folder on zoho so mailspring could create its own but was unable to. They are system folders and you cant change them. Mailspring should be able to point to that folder on zoho. Since you didn’t get a reply on your thread I’m guessing this wont be resolved? When I paid for a year of mailspring last year this wasn’t an issue. I thought I would give mailspring another try but it seems like they are still lacking support. Snoozed folders is a top feature I have to have as I use it every day. I like mailspring. Its a shame. Thanks!