Still maintained?

There has been no activity on GitHub and the Community for over 3 months now and that even though there are some features announced like Calendar and Contacts. It the project still actively maintained or did it get abandoned at some time?

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I posted this in June 2021.

Many of us jumped ship long time ago.

Well I still think Mailspring currently is the best email client that you can possibly get and I would even say I couldn’t live without it anymore. (And I don’t want to switch to another client since I spent over 2 weeks building my own backend API for the Mailspring online services) I would just wish that at least the bugs that are still open get fixed and maybe some new features being added here and there.

I bet if I were to reinstall Mailspring, it would still have the same bugs we were all complaining about over 2 years ago. There has been very little activity or maintenance of the software since then (that I know of).

It could do with some contributors that can work with the programming language it is written in but I don’t think there are any actively working on the project.

It’s sad. Such potential. I even offered to sponsor development of features through my company. Radio silence.

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Actually, the software is still maintained. There have been MANY releases during the 2-year period you mention, including 9 releases in the past year or so alone, as can be seen here:

It just seems like the developers aren’t active here in the community forums anymore. I do wish they were still active in here, but I’m still using the client every day and it is working very well. That being said, I know there are still some longstanding bugs that haven’t been addressed.

@Im1Random I hope that helps…

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Thanks for confirming the recent releases - good to see that there is something happening then.

Could really do with someone active in here though really from the development team because people are coming to here and flagging problems and then largely go unanswered so it doesn’t make it look like anyone is actively contributing to the project or are offering support.