Sync rules between computers

I would be 2x the subscription price to have my rules sync across computers, as it stands I spent a long time adding all the marketing stuff I get to my promotional folder to keep my inbox clean and relevant but then I dared to get a laptop and now I have to turn my desktop to sort through new emails or spend the hours it took me to set up the email rules again in my new laptop, but also on every time I upgrade my computer or start using a new one. Absolute insanity.

A little bit unrelated but I would love a phone app as well, but only if my rules get synced so the same issues doesn’t happen on phones as well

I hear ya on this.

It’s a problem I go through with any local email client though (Thunderbird, emClient, Mailbird, Postbox etc etc).

Need like a cloud account that you can log into within the application that will sync settings, preferences, accounts, rules etc across all devices that sign into that account).

Similar to what you do in browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.

Anyway, it’s got my vote!

I think import/export rules will be enough for now.