Sync templates, signatures, accounts etc accross multiple devices

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I am a new user and i found out that my preferences are not synched acroos my different pc’s.

For example, i would expect that all the custom signatures, templates, added accounts would be synched in every machine i install the app with the same id, and not having to set it up from scratch every time i add it to a work station.

Maybe a ftemporary ix for the templates would be to copy the folder of the html files to the other workstations. But what about the signatures, the rules etc?


I use a lot of different machines throughout the day, and it would be super awesome if Mailspring ID was able to sync settings and such across different installations of the client. If I add an account on one machine, it should automagically be added to the others. Or, if I have to reinstall the app, or install it onto a new machine, it should carry over all the accounts I already have associated with Mailspring by virtue of associating the new install with my Mailspring ID – including authentication and what not. I know lots of people cringe at 3rd party services having that kind of information but I don’t really care. Email is inherently insecure as it is, and it’s best to assume the whole world has access to your inbox anyway.

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It would be great to be able to sync your app settings across multiple computers (and even cross-platform). When you set up Mailspring just the way you like it, and with a certain theme, and then you install it on another computer, you have to redo all that stuff. With sync, everything would be exactly as you like it no matter what computer you install Mailspring on, once you sign into your account.

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Hey! Thanks for reporting this—I agree this would be really cool, and will probably be more important once we launch the calendar feature later this summer. I’ll see if we can get it done!

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I’m looking for a new mail client as Newton is shutting down. One of the key features for me was that I didn’t need to setup my accounts (including Gmail, Exchange and IMAP - 9 in total) on all my devices (which change often).

I would like to be able to export settings, including the following, to a file (e.g. JSON) and import it on a different device:

  • Preferences
  • Accounts
  • Rules
  • Signatures
  • Templates

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Can I somehow copy all of my mail routes from one PC to another? I use Mailspring on multiple computers, and have a bunch of mail routes that I would rather not have to recreate on every system. I don’t see any export/import feature built in. Is that in the works (hopefully soon) or is there ANY way for me to do it without having to re-enter everything from scratch? I don’t mind copying files or copy-pasting/editing config files.

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I work on different computers and have different emails. I would like that when I log into Mailspring it would sync my Signatures to the new computer.

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Another thing that should be synched is the read receipts. It’s very unproductive if you send an email from one device but you cannot check if its opened from another device.

If a seemless collaboration between multiple devices is possible only for sent and received emails, i think its something that should be mentioned somewhere as a warning or something like that.

I have tried many clients so far and none has the performance nor is as feature rich as mailsping. That’s why i bought a paid subscription.


Not being able to use it seemlessly accross all workstations is a very critical disadvantage for many professionals like me who work from multiple spots and pc’s.

Is such a thing in your plans to work on in the near future?

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I have to say that the read receipts are actually available from one pc to another so problably it’s not an issue.

I ill make some more tests in order to understand if the activity dashboard (which is great as an idea-feature) uses data from all the different workstations and come back.

When i install mailspring on a new pc, i would like to be able to export form pc1, and import ALL my settings, signatures, email accounts from the old pc to pc2 etc.
It’s super time-consuming to use the software as presently configured.