Tray icon now showing properly after update to 1.13


The tray icon of Mailspring is not showing properly after the update to 1.13. Instead of displaying a mail icon with different colors depending on the unread message status, it is currently displaying 3 dots (image below).

Expected Behavior

The correct display of the tray icon.



  • OS and Version: ArchLinux (rolling version)
    • Installation Method: AUR package using yay
  • Mailspring Version: 1.13.1

Thanks a lot for the report. I will need to see how to reproduce this issue so that we can provide a fix.

This may also be having a similar cause as The icon in the system tray has disappeared

Thanks for the reply. The icon now seems to be properly display again, and I am unsure why the behavior reversed. The Gnome extensions are being somewhat funny lately, so it could be an issue with GitHub - ubuntu/gnome-shell-extension-appindicator: Adds KStatusNotifierItem support to the Shell or Gnome itself. Feel free to close this for the moment, and I will reopen if I identify the underlying issue. Thanks for the awesome app and the support.

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