Unable to setup an Office365 university managed account


When trying to setup an Office 365 corporate (university managed account) the opened window (setup) reflects an error and the Mailspring account is not effectively created.

The error message is “Sorry, we had problems to initiate your session” (translated from spanish)
And “ErrorNamespace IMAP”

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. "Add account "menu. Then, on account type selection window click on “Office 365” After introducing the university email, it redirects to the university auth page.
  2. University account page opens, where I authenticate with my credentials (successful)
  3. Redirects to Mailspring page “You’re all set! Go back to Mailspring to finish linking your account and configuring the app.”
  4. Back in the account page it shows the uploaded imaging stating that the account creation has failed.

Expected Behavior

I expected the account to be correctly setup as I did before with other non corporate Office 365 accounts with no problem



  • OS and Version: MacOS 12.2
  • Mailspring Version: Version 1.9.2 (1.9.2)

Additional things

The name of the University is UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a distancia) and the webpage is


This is the login/auth page:


That’s all. Thanks.

Sorry I have find the same (or similar) issue in a post from two days ago.

(Though I looked for I wasn’t able to find it before)

Don’t know what should I do with my post. Perhaps the admin would point me.

I’ve had same issue, would love to see an answer for this!

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I suspect it might be related to your Office 365 tenant didn’t enable IMAP support. Have you had any luck adding your universities Office 365 account with another IMAP client like Thunderbird?

In any other client, configuring my Office365 email accounts (including this educatonal corporate one) is just a breeze. Complete automation and no looking back.

Well yes, because Outlook and other clients supports Exchange EWS or ActiveSync. This mail client only supports SMTP and IMAP which can be disabled by the administrator of the Office/Microsoft 365 tenant (AKA. your education corporate account). You will have to reach out to your IT department to see if they would be willing to enable that feature.

I get it, it sucks that this mail client doesn’t support your account. Even with its quirks and bugs, I really like it for work email as well. Unfortunately I suspect the company I work for will not have IMAP support enabled on its Office/Microsoft 365 tenant because of security issues…so I can relate to your issue.