Unable to sync any email account

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None of my 4 email accounts is able to sync this morning.



Email Provider



macOS 10.15.7
mailspring 1.10.3

used to work for months now without issues.

Yeah looks like a number of people are having this issue today… i think it has something to do with this…


Mailspring SSL certificate expired today :confused:

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Is there a solve for this?

Same problem here, seems to be related to the certificate expiration

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I was having the same issue. I’m able to send and receive mail as of now. Edit: though I wish that Mailspring would issue some statement or explanation about what happened.

All sync function is stopped in my settings.

Everything back to normal for me. thanks.

I have this issue as well

I can’t get mailspring to sync with gmail any more. What happened? Is there a fix for this? It’s a real PITA.

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The issue was apparently triggered by a change in Google OAuth rules. I’ve been waiting for a fix for too long now.

Check this and linked posts:

I just came back to report that it’s working now

All my accounts stopped syncing today, could this be related?

Any settings changes i need to do on the app? Still having sync issues for Gmail and Gsuite emails