Undelte or putting back deleted emails fails

I’ve deleted some emails by mistake, so they landed in the trash bin. With the emails (5 emails, 3 incoming messages and 2 replies from me) in the trash bin, I found myself confronted with the issue of figuring out, how to undelete them.

There is no button or menu entry to “undelete / restore” them. So I hit the “Undo” button. This leads to the next bug, that 1 incoming message was put back into the inbox, 2 incoming messages landed in the sent folder, together with my 2 replies. Tha’t very confusing.

latest mailspring Version 1.9.1 (1.9.1) on macos 10.15.7

Probably the easiest is to drag them from the Trash to the folder you want them in.

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I just found the “move to inbox button”. Those buttons only appear, if you click on a message. It’s not in the right click menu, nor in the menu.

Drag and drop is working too, although i can drop it back only in the corresponding mailbox. Is drag and drop limited to the own mailbox?

I have dozens of mailboxes, so I have to find the original mailbox

Inbox 1
-message 1
Inbox 2
-message 2

I can not drag message 2 and drop it into inbox 1. With multiple emails from different mailboxes, this can become a tidious task.

Anyway, the undo, is putting the received messages into the sent folder, instead of the inbox.

Yes, Mailspring will only copy emails within the same account. Rather annoying, I agree! To get around this, I resort to forwarding emails to my desired account. . :roll_eyes:

A problem that I believe happens (at least with gmail accounts) when you undo a delete is caused by how gmail handles the inbox. “Inbox” is a label for gmail. When you delete the email, it gets moved to the trash, and the label “Inbox” is deleted. When you undo the deletion, the email goes out of the trash, to “All mail”, but doesn’t recover the corresponding “Inbox” label. Then, the email would appear in “All mail” (maybe called “Archive” inside mailspring) but not in the inbox.
See "Undo Trash" does not return mail to Inbox

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