Accented characters cannot be entered correctly in macOS


Accented characters cannot be entered correctly by long-pressing keys on macOS. The accented characters can be selected (either via mouse or number) but appear duplicated in the text together with the non-accented version (e.g. aä, uü, …).

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. In the body of a new email long press “a”
  2. select the desired accented character from the pop-up
  3. character appears duplicated in the text

Expected Behavior

Accented characters should appear correctly without duplicates in the email body.



  • OS and Version: macOS 10.15.7
  • Installation Method: homebrew cask or dmg
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8.0

Please let me know if there is additional information that I should provide, or if you have a hint on where the issue originates from.
Unfortunately this bug makes Mailspring unusable for language like German or others that heavily rely on accented characters.

Good morning. I have just started using Mailspring in the last few days, and since I write most of my messages in French and Spanish, this is a very disappointing problem. I thought perhaps since I was new to the application, the fault was simply my lack of understanding. Your posting reassures me that perhaps the problem is larger than just my being new. Thank you for posting!

Have you found any solution?

Thanking you again,


Unusable app for user of accented languages like French.

+1, in first days testing, it’s very complicated.
I see the post is 2 years old without update ! I will quit though. Two bad.

Hello, any update on this ?
I could add accents like ê ô î but can’t anymore for about 3 weeks now. Any update on that soon ?


thanks again for letting us know, that this is still unresolved. I was under the assumption that the bugfix for Accented character with Keyboard Layout US International with Dead key don't work shoud have resolved this as well. It seems that this is not the case.

We will try to provide a fix for this as well.

Thanks @Phylu, just +1’ing this as an issue affecting me as well. Same setup and repro steps.

I can also confirm this used to work and has now been broken for several weeks :see_no_evil:

Is there a Github issue I can subscribe to, to follow updates?

I also have this problem when I enter umlaut characters via “Option + U”, and then a vowel such as “U”

I have good news. There is a fix incoming: Fix inserting accents into the text editor via long-press on MacOS · Foundry376/Mailspring@6ab1b64 · GitHub

Keep your eyes open for the next release.


Thank you. This seems to have also fixed, or at least improved a lot, this bug and probably others related to non latin input. Thank you so much.