Archived emails not found in search


Set “archive” as a backspace. Once achived, emails are not being found in search for accounts in google workspace (business), gmail (personal), and other imap account. In my quest to inbox zero (f’in bs but a man can dream), i got a bit zealous with the “archive” key. Now if I can’t find any of these archived emails when thoughts come later, this isn’t effective.

Am i thinking about this properly? slap me if its obvi. thanks.



Email Provider

Workspace, gmail, IMAP through webhostinghub


  • OS and Version:
    Archlinux 5.11.7-arch1-1

    • Installation Method:

aur with

  • Mailspring Version:

Did you set the Archive folder for those accounts under Preferences > Folders?

Hey Code mouse - congrats on the open source move btw! thanks for your contributions.

I don’t quite follow your suggestion - I don’t even see an archive folder for those accounts as an option.


That is definitely strange, then, as there should be an Archive option between Spam and Trash.

I do notice that you’re using 1.7.8 according to your download link. Can you update to 1.8.0, and confirm whether this is still occuring? See For those installing on an arch based distribution

Hello thank you - an archive folder appears for IMAP account, but not for the gmail ones. I followed the 1.8 mailspring instructions for arch (which is the same version in the AUR fyi).

Any tips or thoughts?

I can’t tell you how much I love mailspring (don’t make me go back to webmail or thunderbird please god).

Oh, I see. My mistake, Gmail doesn’t apparently have a concept of an “archive folder”.

From Archiving Messages

With Gmail, “archiving” is a built-in concept and removes the Inbox label from the conversation. After archiving, you can view the conversation by going to “All Mail” in the sidebar (which Mailspring may show as “Archive” if you have multiple accounts linked), or by viewing a label that was applied to the conversation.

Does that clarify anything, @greenisagoodcolor, or are you still stuck?

P.S. I’m just the community manager, not the primary developer, so I don’t always know all the ins and outs.

Hey all - definately still stuck. Even when I click “all mail” and search for an archived email in my google account, it is not found in mailspring. I have to pop over to webmail ( to find the archived email.

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Hello @CodeMouse92 - even the “archive” label folder isn’t finding emails I archived in mailspring. I can find them searching the webconsole, but not in mailspring in the “inbox > all mail” or the “archive” tag. This is making the software unusable.

Do i need to purchase a paid subscription to search archived email?

Do i need to purchase a paid subscription to search archived email?

No. It’s probably just a bug.

Happy to contribute however I can. Can I provide any more information or support? Any idea on when the bug will get resolved? Please god don’t make me swithc back to webmail.

Hey - still having this bug - is there anyway I can help?

@CodeMouse92 any chance there will be an update? The fact that archived emails aren’t found in search seems like a big usability problem.