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Subject: Mailspring Forgets Passwords for All Accounts on Every Restart



I’ve recently installed a fresh OS (Zorin) and the latest version of Mailspring (2 days ago), and I’m encountering a persistent issue where Mailspring forgets the passwords for all my email accounts every time I restart my computer. This issue is quite inconvenient as I manage more than 8 different email accounts, including several Google accounts and accounts on my own IMAP server. The problem occurs uniformly across all these accounts, without any difference between the IMAP ones and the Google ones.

I’ve ensured that everything is up to date and have followed standard troubleshooting steps, but the issue persists. This is a fresh installation of both the OS and Mailspring, so it’s unlikely to be caused by legacy configurations or files.

Could anyone provide insights or solutions to this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it’s quite cumbersome to re-enter the passwords for all accounts upon every restart.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

A few questions:

  • What kind of install for Mailspring are you using (a Deb package, Snap, etc.)?
  • Can you start Mailspring from a command line and see what error messages are showing?

If you haven’t already, please see this thread in case it is helpful:

I’m getting the same error, every time I restart the app. My MailSpring ID doesn’t seem to be persistent, either.

Please check this thread for solutions: Password Management Error - #63 by tommygee

Problem solved. Springmail uninstalled. Through Flatpak… and installed via console. Now everything works.

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