Emails older than 6 days not showing up in my Mailspring inbox


I’m using Mailspring for just one email account, a account. When I log into my account on the Posteo website, I see all 8 of the emails in my Posteo inbox, dating from 2021-12-17 to 2022-01-16 (one of them unread). However, when I open Mailspring, I only see the latest 3 emails in my inbox in Mailspring (dated 2022-01-16, 2022-01-14, and 2022-01-13, respectively). The other five are nowhere to be found in Mailspring. If I do a search for them in Mailspring, they don’t show up.

I’m using the latest version of Mailspring (1.9.2-6e14dad1) on macOS 11.6.2.

I can’t find any setting in the Mailspring configuration that could be causing emails to be removed from the inbox (and Mailspring altogether) after a certain period of time. Am I missing something?


A couple more notes on this:

When I look at my Archive in Mailspring, all of the emails that should be there, are there, back to December 19 (when I started using Posteo). It’s only these five aforementioned emails from the Inbox that Mailspring does not seem to be loading/recognizing/whatever (I don’t know what the deal is).

All of the emails in question (including the ones missing on Mailspring) appear on the email app on my phone (I’m using the default Apple “Mail” app on iOS 15.2), and they appear in eM Client on macOS when I load that app as well. It’s only Mailspring that has problems.

Looking forward to some input from the Mailspring team. I love Mailspring, but if it’s not going to display all of my emails, obviously I can’t use it.


I sometimes have similar issues (funny enough, also with posteo - curious if that’s a coincidence)

Try this:
Edit > Preferences > General > Local Data > Reset cache

This actually resolved itself on its own for me; after almost a month of these emails not showing up, they’re suddenly appearing again. Not sure what the deal was; hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

Hi Manuel, if you’re still experiencing this issue please vote for this bug report thread that the Mailspring team is monitoring:

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