Mails persist in the trash after emptying the trash or the junk


Mails are persist in the trash after deleting the trash or the junk

See the screenshot below, before deleting the trash there is 7 mails, after deleting there is still 6 mails, and I cannot delete them ! After many trials, moving them to the junk then to trash to delete them but nothing worked.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Sorry but I don’t have steps to reproduce it, but I can only says that I can reproduce it in my MailSpring

The only solution I found to delete them is to create a folder, then putting the bugged mail inside it, then delete the folder…


  • OS and Version: Windows 10 Familial
  • Installation Method: installer
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8.0
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In my experience this happens only with messages that are part of a thread with other messages not in trash or junk. It’s definitely something that could be improved.


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This could be a duplicate of: Empty Trash Not Working

Please try the following:

  • Go to Preferences > Accounts
  • Click “Rebuild Cache”

Does this empty your trash?

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This is not only message that are in a thread that are involved. See below

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I did rebuild the cache then delete the mails in trash, and it worked for some emails but not for some others which are involved in threads.

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Can confirm that, already discussed on Github. But now closed and locked because of new issue-policy.
I rebuild my cache every few weeks to get rid of this problem. Sometimes mails in trash not even have some content.
Seems to my more like a design problem than a bug.

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A design problem is a bug !
Can you explain more about the “new issue-policy” ? Why they closed this bug ?

@Navis-Raven The transition to Discourse from GH Issues is explained here: Mailspring Community Transition

The bug itself is not closed. Only the GitHub Issue for it is closed and locked, because all the reporting and dicussion belongs here on Discourse now.

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They didn’t fixed the bug yet ?

Unfortunately, not yet. Your patience is appreciated. Mailspring is a huge project, but it is built and maintained entirely by volunteers — even the core developer does this in addition to a full time job.

If you want to help get a bug resolved or feature implemented quicker, here’s some things you can do, depending on your available time and skills:

  1. Vote. This raises the priority in planning. Anyone can do this.
  2. Help diagnose. Checking logs, testing out scenarios, or even digging around in the code if you’re up to the challenge all help move towards a resolution.
  3. Coordinate with other reporters. If you see similar bug reports, possible duplicates, or other posts with hints, helping get those individuals involved in diagnostics helps a lot!
  4. Attempting a PR. If you know anything about coding — even a little — you can check out the Mailspring source code from GitHub and try to fix the bug or implement the feature yourself. Even if you aren’t successful, or the fix isn’t ideal, the attempt still helps us!

And, of course, you can help just by being involved in the community: helping answer questions, triage bugs, and discuss features takes pressure off the developers, so they have time to focus on writing awesome code.

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I had this same issue and rebuilding my cache definitely resolved it for me.

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This bug will goes back again, and again and all over again…
You can rebuild the cache today… but after days, weeks, you will see again some emails that does not delete, and you have to rebuld the cache again, and again, and all over again…

So please vote for the bug resolution.