ProtonMail: New emails move automatically between archive and inbox


New emails received go straight in to archive folder, but remain unread. Upon opening the archive and marking the email as read, it then moves back to the inbox.

To Reproduce…

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Receive email, it appears in archive immediately
  2. Change to the archive and mark the email as read, it then moves back to the inbox
  3. Change back to the inbox and mark email as unread, it then moves back to the archive

Expected Behavior

Email should remain in my inbox until I archive it


  • OS and Version: Arch Linux
  • Mailspring Version: 1.8.0-8983dca2

Additional Context

Monitoring the same email via the web interface (Protonmail), the email never leaves the inbox, it seems Mailspring incorrectly presents the email as archived.

I am connected to Protonmail via IMAP (using Protonmail bridge), it doesn’t occur on my gmail account. Haven’t tested any other IMAP accounts yet, I’ve also not tested Protonmail bridge with other email clients yet.

I’ve since tested Protonmail bridge with both Thunderbird and ofllineimap+Mutt and I’m not seeing any problems with emails disappearing or moving between inbox and archive, which suggests the problem likely lies within Mailspring.

I’ve just cleared the cache in protonmail-bridge and re-set everything up and touch wood it doesn’t seem to be happening any more, it is early days though. It doesn’t explain why I wasn’t experiencing any issues in other mail clients, it could just be a small IMAP incompatibility between Mailspring and Protonmail Bridge that clearing the cache has resolved?

I’ll keep a close eye on it and report back if it reoccurs.

Nope, still happening. New email came in to my inbox, clicked on it and it immediately moved from my inbox to archive.

It is still in my inbox on the IMAP server.

I am having the same issue. When I restart the application it shows the mails in the inbox but as soon as I start working on an email all mails disappear to archive.

The emails from the different folders are also put into the archive, except if there is a draft in the thread.
When I log into the protonmail web interface, the mails are normally in the inbox & folders.

Mailspring: 1.8.0
PM Bridge: 1.5.7
OS: Pop!_OS 20.04

We appear to have some long-standing issues with ProtonMail Bridge, which we will hopefully be in a better position to fix now that Mailsync is open source.


If there is something I can do to troubleshoot this issue, let me know. I don’t have code knowledge, but I can deliver logfiles if needed.

It also seems related to
Disappearing Emails / Desync

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Wondering if anyone is working on this for a future release?

As a rule, all updates will be posted on the thread. If there are none posted, there are no updates. (As it stands, this is slated as a proposed part of the Compatibility Bundle, but work hasn’t started on that yet: Bundle: Compatibility)

Your patience is appreciated. Mailspring is built and maintained by volunteers — even the core developer does this in addition to a full time job.

If you want to help get a bug resolved or feature implemented quicker, here’s some things you can do, depending on your available time and skills:

  1. Vote. This raises the priority in planning. Anyone can do this.
  2. Help diagnose. Checking logs, testing out scenarios, or even digging around in the code if you’re up to the challenge all help move towards a resolution.
  3. Coordinate with other reporters. If you see similar bug reports, possible duplicates, or other posts with hints, helping get those individuals involved in diagnostics helps a lot!
  4. Attempting a PR. If you know anything about coding — even a little — you can check out the Mailspring source code from GitHub and try to fix the bug or implement the feature yourself. Even if you aren’t successful, or the fix isn’t ideal, the attempt still helps us!

And, of course, you can help just by being involved in the community: helping answer questions, triage bugs, and discuss features takes pressure off the developers, so they have time to focus on writing awesome code.

Heads up, @bl00mber is trying to debug this one in hopes of possibly addressing it in a related PR: