Several of your accounts are having issues | Mailspring encountered errors syncing this account

I’ve been having this problem for some time now. Some of my accounts just won’t work and give me the error message as per the title.

When I do reconnect, it works up until I restart my computer and doesn’t work after that.

I have attached my errors details in hopes that someone can assist me to fix the problem.

error.txt (3.1 KB)

Sounds like it’s the same issue as on this thread. Perhaps vote for it and add your details to the list?

Thank you very much, I will add to that

I have the same problem syncing with my aol-mail account doesn’t work. I get always the error “Encountered an error while syncing

This is a part of the log (serveral similar blocks of information)

17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:41.534] [main] [info] Identity created at 1651696359 - using ID Schema 1
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:41.536] [main] [info] ------------- Starting Sync ( ---------------
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:43.424] [metadata] [info] Metadata delta stream starting…
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:45.546] [background] [info] Marking all folders as busy
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:45.546] [background] [info] Syncing folder list…
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:48.349] [background] [error] Created Mailspring container folder: Mailspring.
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:48.970] [background] [error] Created required Mailspring folder: Mailspring/Snoozed.
17392 [2022-05-04 23:41:48.980] [background] [critical]

*** Mailspring Sync
*** A C++ exception occurred during program execution:
*** UNIQUE constraint failed:

I also have this problem, restarting PC or manually “reconnecting” in to Gmail does not work, so not the same problem as linked above by John P.
4 Gmail accounts in Mailspring all show sync errors as of 8/2/2022.
All 4 open mail using chrome with no problem.

Windows 10 pro 64bit build 19044

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