Using spellcheck

how do i chek my speling in mailspring?

Mailspring automatically checks your spelling as you type in the composer. Misspelled words will be underlined in red. You can right-click to choose from a list of suggested corrections or add the word to your dictionary.

For more information about how Mailspring implements spellcheck and how to adjust the spellcheck language, see: Setting the Spell Check Language

For performance reasons, Mailspring will only mark only the first ten misspellings in each draft.

I don’t agree. Its broken. beginning to wonder why I bothered to pay the sub

I have used Spellcheck in mailspring. At first, I was very skeptical about it as well. I thought it would be an annoying feature that would make me look like a fool when other people use it to correct my spelling mistakes. But now I think differently.

I find it really useful because when I am writing emails, sometimes I forget to spell certain words correctly or even use the wrong word altogether. This is especially true when communicating with non-native speakers of English and people who are not native speakers of my language. When they send me an email, they make such mistakes and I can’t help but correct them without making them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

I don’t see any language option anywhere, including the right click menu.

What am i doing wrong.

Would be awesome if the language tool could be integrated aswel.