Labeling an email can sometimes label other emails

It seems like sometimes when I label an email thread (I use the l shortcut), another email thread also gets applied with the same label. I have noticed that this happens quite frequently, but haven’t noticed a pattern, so I often don’t notice until much later when the emails seem completely wrong.

With the last occurence, I noticed exactly what happened:

  • I responded to an email, the second newest
  • I navigated down a couple of email threads (using j, if that matters)
  • I responded to the last email in the 2nd thread (using r)
  • I labeled the 2nd thread using l
  • I noticed that both the 2nd thread and the 1st thread (second newest email) got applied the same label


  • OS and Version: Linux, Gnome-shell 3.28.2-1
  • Mailspring Version: 1.2.2-1

Additional Context

I just managed to reproduce this again and noticed what happened:

  1. I apply a label to an email (using l → selecting a lable)
  2. I archive that email using e shortcut
  3. Immediately I selected another email
  4. Both emails got labeled and archived.

I believe step 3 happened before Mailspring finished with step 1 and 2, and Mailspring applied actions from the first email to the 2nd email when things synchronized.

(Originally posted by victortrac on GitHub.)

+1 here as well…

To add: this doesn’t only happen with adding labels, also archiving mail using a shortcut causes the same behaviour

(Originally posted by jurjens on GitHub.)

This issue seems to be similar.

Essentially, I use Mailspring because I like its speed, but sometimes things seem a little slow - for example, I love to move emails to separate folders or label them (and have them automatically move out of the inbox) by pressing v. But, sometimes, when I press v + then want to move to a folder beginning with “a”, Mailspring isn’t quick enough and it starts to reply-all instead.

In this case, though, I am sometimes moving through my inbox quite quickly - filing away emails that aren’t needed in there any more. I’m assuming it could be to do with the speed again, but I’m finding that I often have emails popping back in my inbox that are labelled incorrectly. This seems to happen when I label or move one email by pressing v, and it seems to apply it to the emails either directly before or after it (sometimes both) in the inbox.

What operating system are you using?

Windows 10, latest version of 1909. But this has been happening since I started using Mailspring on-and-off last year (2018).

What version of Mailspring are you using?

(eg: 1.6.3 or 1.7.0 - this is shown in Mailspring’s main menu.)



Is this an email sync or connection issue?

I don’t think so, no.

Is the issue related to a specific email provider (Gmail, Exchange, etc.)?

I use Google Suite, and don’t know if this is relevant or to do with that!

Is the issue reproducible with a particular attachment, message, signature, etc?

This is one example - these two emails were to the same person, with two separate threads. However, I added the top tag to a different email, and it then automatically applied it to this one below it.

Image 2019-11-29 at 10.08.08 AM


Just to add to this, it’s literally just happened again. I searched for a particular email, then labelled it/moved it in my “Support Tickets” folder. I then go back to my inbox and the top email in the inbox has that label too, despite me not adding it myself.

Image 2019-11-29 at 10.25.02 AM

(Originally posted by rachilli on GitHub.)

This seems to be the same issue as:

Can you please try to provide debug logs as described here? Losing mail by moving other mail (via keyboard shortcut) - #11 by Phylu

I believe this is related to these issues: