Perform Actions on Focused Message

Give the focus to one email in a thread, so that [r], [a], or [f] shortcut applies to that email rather than the most recent one in the thread.

Gmail’s web interface is the one to mimic here. It has the concept of giving the focus to existing emails in a thread, so that when one of the shortcuts [r], [a], or [f] is used, it applies to that email rather than to the bottom one of the thread.

(Originally posted by palefire19 on GitHub.)

Yeah this would be great - right now there isn’t a concept of a “focused” message in the thread but we should definitely add one!

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)


I believe this behaviour transferred from the original Nylas mail client to Mailspring.

I would like to be able to reply to an older e-mail in a conversation by clicking on it and using one of the reply shortcuts (A/R) to actually reply to that specific e-mail. This is useful if the conversation spread out to two separate threads with two participants, and you want to follow up on an e-mail with one of the earlier participants in the thread instead of who you wrote to last time around.

So far, no matter what e-mail in a conversation you open and click on, when you hit the reply shortcuts, a reply to the most recent e-mail and their participants is being created.

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Hey! Yeah this is a longstanding issue actually—there’s no concept of a “selected message” within the conversation, so keyboard shortcuts always impact the latest message. I’ll see if I can fix this soon.

(Originally posted by bengotow on GitHub.)

Hi Ben, thanks for letting me know smile ! Would love get this corrected at some place in time wink . Though knowing you already did a very good job getting Mailspring up and working (a lot better than its ancestor)!

(Originally posted by enoversum on GitHub.)