Make Threading/Conversation View Optional

Some users prefer to see each email individually, instead of threading/conversation view.

Because Mailspring connects directly to IMAP providers, it should be posible to implement a message-based mailbox view in the future. However, it seems a large number of people prefer conversation-style threading.

If you want to see conversation view made optional, please vote for this issue.

I actually use Mailspring as my primary email client for personal email and have considered going to the Pro version. However not being able to turn off the default email threading behavior is a significant pain in the rear for me. I go to delete the obligatory “Thank you” from a message thread and wind up deleting the entire thread. ugh… For me and the way I work threaded view is just horrible and the primary reason I stopped using gmail eons ago.

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I’ve moved your post to the feature request. Please vote for this feature if you’d like to see it implemented.

Most modern email clients have this feature, even when working with Gmail.

Mailspring has become my email client of choice, and I won’t give it up, but I prefer to have al emails listed by date, and not threaded, a flat view, everything at hand.

Vote for this PLEASE.

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Agree with above comment, all modern day email applications allow this feature, it would be great if this feature could be added

I just checked my Gmail acct which has an option to DISABLE Conversation/Thread. Mine is checked OFF in an attempt to disable the thread, so why is MS forcing a thread view when Gmail has an option to disable??? Please address. Thank you.

In the GMail setting, you’re controlling how the GMail client displays the emails (threaded or not). It doesn’t do anything to the underlying emails themselves - they still have the threading information in them (it’s created when the email is composed), which is just as well in case you ever turn the setting back on in GMail. Mailspring needs its own matching setting, totally agreed.

Voted for this feature, but am uninstalling Mailspring. I can’t have it hiding emails from me. When you get automated emails from Paypal for example, they always have the same subject so it is grouping together important emails showing when I’ve received money.

Shame, I was really enjoying Mailspring until this point, but not having the option to switch off is a hard pass for me.

Hi, new user here - I would like to vote for this feature. How do I do this? Yes, I too hate having emails grouped in conversations. Much prefer each email showing individually.

If you scroll to the top of this page, you’ll see at the top left a blue button that says “Vote”, below the counter showing the number of votes already recorded for this feature. Click the button to record your vote!

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Thanks @JohnP !! So obvious I missed it! Incidentally does anyone know if there’s any progress with this feature and when it may be implemented, if at all? Thank you.