Make Threading/Conversation View Optional

Some users prefer to see each email individually, instead of threading/conversation view.

Because Mailspring connects directly to IMAP providers, it should be posible to implement a message-based mailbox view in the future. However, it seems a large number of people prefer conversation-style threading.

If you want to see conversation view made optional, please vote for this issue.

I actually use Mailspring as my primary email client for personal email and have considered going to the Pro version. However not being able to turn off the default email threading behavior is a significant pain in the rear for me. I go to delete the obligatory “Thank you” from a message thread and wind up deleting the entire thread. ugh… For me and the way I work threaded view is just horrible and the primary reason I stopped using gmail eons ago.

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I’ve moved your post to the feature request. Please vote for this feature if you’d like to see it implemented.

Most modern email clients have this feature, even when working with Gmail.

Mailspring has become my email client of choice, and I won’t give it up, but I prefer to have al emails listed by date, and not threaded, a flat view, everything at hand.

Vote for this PLEASE.

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Agree with above comment, all modern day email applications allow this feature, it would be great if this feature could be added