Snooze does not work in ZOHO


It’s impossible to snooze an email when an account is on ZOHO. That’s because in ZOHO there is a Snoozed directory and the program fails to create Mailspring/Snoozed directory (only Mailspring dir is created).

To Reproduce…

setup email in zoho and connect to mailspring

Expected Behavior

snoozed works and Mailspring/Snoozed directory is present in zoho



  • OS and Version: Linux Arch (updated 18.05.2022 - it’s a rolling release)
    • Installation Method: AUR
  • Mailspring Version: 1.10.3-a476c230

I think these are related:

  1. Bug: Crash and sync error due to inability to create "Snoozed" folder
  2. Mailspring/Snoozed causing sync errors with Zoho Mail
  3. Sorry, we were unable to save your snooze settings